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Attention: Physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, doctors, massage therapists, personal trainers, kinesiologists ...

P-DTR© courses in Copenhagen

Is there anything more rewarding than being the ONLY therapist who was able to help?

Your patient went to countless other highly skilled therapists,

and spent months or even years of their time and salary ...

trying to find someone, ANYONE, who could solve their problem ...

and YOU were the only one who was able to help.

How would you like to start experiencing that feeling on a weekly, maybe even on a DAILY basis?

"It's the best course I've ever attended in any field."

- Laurits T., physiotherapist & personal trainer 

If you in any way are in the business of helping people with:

Pain, tension, headaches, dizziness, paresthesia, fatigue, vision problems, digestive issues, nausea, stress, anxiety, and more ... 


Then P-DTR is the course for you.

Even if you currently only work with one or a few of the symptoms above ...


How would you like to be able to help your patients with ALL of them?

"I can treat all the same patients and problems as with osteopathic techniques, but much easier and more efficiently."

- David D., physiotherapist, osteopathy student

Meet your teacher,

Dr. Jose Palomar

  • Ortopedic surgeon

    • Performed his first orthopedic surgery at the age of 24

  • Diplomate in Applied Kinesiology from the International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK)

    • Received ICAK's the Alan Beardall Memorial Award for Research 2004-2005​

    • Has had 18 papers accepted for inclusion in ICAK-USA Proceedings

  • Clinical neurologist through completion of the Carrick Institute for Graduate Studies

1. When & where is it?

2. What do I get?

3. How do I sign up?

1. When & where?

The next Foundations Series starts:


TO BE ANNOUNCED (hopefully August 2021) in Copenhagen

2. What is included when I invest in the Foundations Series Package?

  • 15 full days of class taught by Dr. Jose Palomar

    • (value: €4,030 or 30,000 DKK)

Few other courses offer such a vast amount of cutting-edge information and practical skills & tools that you will be able to apply immediately and help your patients with from day one.

  • Divided into 3 modules

    • (value: priceless)

There is a practice & integration period of 1-2 months between each module.


These periods give you the time you need between each module to take in the material, practice, and integrate it into your work.

Because, trust us, you both WANT and NEED that time.


Each module is so packed with information that your head will be filled to the brim - especially after the first module. 

  • On-site assistance from Klinik ANSA

    • (value: €6,047 or 45,000 DKK)

Your 3 hosts, the founders of Klinik ANSA, are some of the very few advanced practitioners of P-DTR in Scandinavia.


We will be there with you in the classroom every step of the way to ensure that your learning experience is as seamless as humanly possible.

We have already put in the time and effort to learn this amazing system, and we use it EXCLUSIVELY in clinic every day.


It takes some work, and that's why getting help from practitioners who have recently gone through exactly what you will be going through is PRICELESS.


We remember the struggles, we remember how, why, and when we got confused, and we remember every lightbulb moment that turned our own confusion around.

  • Study groups/Recap modules taught by Klinik ANSA

    • (value of each module: €161 or 1,200 DKK

      • your price: €94 or 700 DKK - 41% discount)


After each module we will host a full day's recap module to summarize the 5 days of material you recently went through.


This is an extremely valuable way of clearing up any confusions, asking what you didn't ask at the course, and starting to practice and implement with your fellow attendees on the spot what you weren't comfortable with in clinic. 

  • Access to a supportive community 

    • (value: priceless)

When you leave the classroom between each module and after the course, we will still be there. 


Facebook groups are set up both for the people in the specific class you enroll in and for the entire community of therapists who have attended the full Foundations course.

This allows an additional life-long learning experience through asking questions, helping others, reading success stories, and more.

You will never feel alone with the material, as you'll always have every other P-DTR practitioner IN THE WORLD as a sparring partner at your fingertips

Bonuses included:

  • Free private video call with your Klinik ANSA mentor

    • (value €107 or 800 DKK)

We offer a free 1-hour private video call with one of us.

This is yet another amazing opportunity to go over and really dial in all the information, discuss your personal pitfalls, hard-to-crack cases from your clinic etc.

  • Heavily discounted treatment session in Klinik ANSA

    • (value: €107 or 800 DKK​

      • your price: €53 or 400 DKK​)

One of the best ways to become even more familiar with the material is to be assessed and treated by an experienced

P-DTR practitioner while being able to discuss your own issues and patterns in real-time

And as if all of this wasn't enough ...

for you early birds out there:


    • (value €125 or 930 DKK)

A full day's bonus course hosted by Klinik ANSA diving deep into ONE thing, and one thing only ...


The single most valuable skill in P-DTR ... the tool that you will use to assess your patients 99% of your time with them:

Neurological Manual Muscle Testing (NMMT)

as developed by Dr. Palomar


When you decide to invest in the Foundations Series Package before December 1st 2020, you get a FREE ticket to the NMMT course. 

Frankly, this isn't just a bonus.


We have hosted and taught NMMT as a stand-alone course with great success. 


The information, tips, tricks, and tools from just this one day will massively improve your ability to assess even your most complex patients.

Attendance is optional but HIGHLY recommended. 

Learning P-DTR can feel like learning 5 new languages (NMMT being one of them) in a few days.


While being asked to speak them all right away

It's awesome, but it can fry your brain a bit.

Do yourself a favor, and learn the language of NMMT with us a few weeks before the first module starts, and you will have a much easier time learning and integrating everything else from the course.

If you sign up later than December 1st 2020 and choose to attend the NMMT course, the price will be €125.

Total value:

€10,429 or 77,630 DKK

Your price:

€3500 or 26000 DKK

Each 5-day module bought separately is €1350 or 10,000 DKK.


Bonuses are not included when investing in separate modules.

3. Curriculum & sign-up

Step #1

To read more and find:

  • exactly what you'll learn,

  • the full detailed curriculum, and

  • how to sign up now

... just click this image:














Step #2

Join the public P-DTR Copenhagen Facebook group for anyone interested in this system and get information updates, read testimonials and see amazing success stories.

p-dtr foundations.jpg

Click here to learn more and sign up to the Foundations series.

If you've already attended the Foundations course, and wish to continue on to Intermediate & Advanced, click here to learn more:

p-dtr intermediate.jpg

Click here to learn more and sign up to the Intermediate series.

p-dtr advanced.jpg

Click here to learn more and sign up to the Advanced series.

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