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The Foundations Series provides a comprehensive curriculum designed to introduce students to functional neurology.


This encapsulates full assessment of the body for any number of afferent dysfunctions and instruction on how to reset information from aberrant pathways.

Students will gain a thorough understanding of how the body creates basic dysfunctions and compensatory patterns and most importantly, the systematic process that has been developed to treat these dysfunctions on a permanent basis.

Students can expect to learn how to improve the raw material the brain receives to make more accurate decisions about how to move and feel. Topics covered include, but are not limited to all manner of mechanoreceptors, nocioception, gait analysis, cranial sutures, and limbic disturbances.

Scroll down for more about the course in Copenhagen, Denmark in the summer of 2024.

Read the exciting topics covered here:

Foundations full curriculum


For the official P-DTR website, visit:


Intet produkt


Intet produkt

Intet produkt

Intet produkt


Module 1 must be completed before attending module 2, and module 2 before module 3.


We strongly recommend attending Foundations as a whole.

When you have paid for the course, request to join the Facebook group Foundations 4 CPH 2024.

For any questions regarding the course, e-mail us at


2% of the price is non-refundable.

100% is refundable for early birds.


Go Hotel City
Lergravsvej 53
2300 København


The following is complimentary during the course:



Ice water


Afternoon cake

Pricing to stay at the hotel:

Single room - 608 DKK per night

Twin room - 708 DKK per night

Double room - 808 DKK per night

It is worth saying, especially during the time of year the course will be held, that you can rent a bike from the hotel and find yourself at the beach in as little as 3 minutes. 

Visit here:


Early bird

To ensure the most seamless learning experience for you, we have decided to throw in a ton of bonuses for those who choose to sign up for the Foundations course before 1/1/2024.

These bonuses are worth an extra 2.375 DKK.

Read on to learn what we include if you buy early.

Bonus #1
Video call with one of the advanced practitioners from Klinik ANSA after each module


9 out of 10 students have a lot of questions that they never get to ask, especially during

the first module. 

When your brain has had a few moments/days/weeks to settle after the first module,

it is a great time to have someone you can go over the material with and get the

answers you're looking for right then and there. 

The price per video call is 500 DKK for late birds (purchase after 2023).

Early bird value: 1500 DKK

Bonus #2 
50% discount on a treatment session in Klinik ANSA


One of the best ways to become even more familiar with the material is to be assessed and treated by an experienced P-DTR practitioner while being able to discuss your own issues and patterns in real-time. 

Early bird value: 375 DKK

Bonus #3 
Neurological manual muscle testing (NMMT) workshop


A full day's bonus workshop hosted and taught by Klinik ANSA diving deep into ONE thing, and one thing only, the single most valuable skill in P-DTR - the tool that you will use to assess your patients 99% of your time with them:

Neurological Manual Muscle Testing (NMMT) - as developed by Dr. Palomar.

When you decide to invest in the Foundations course before 1/1/2024, you get a

FREE ticket to the NMMT workshop. 

We have hosted and taught NMMT as a stand-alone workshop with great success.


The information, tips, tricks, and tools from just this one day will massively improve your ability to assess even your most complex patients.

Attendance is optional but HIGHLY recommended to get the most out of P-DTR. 

Learning P-DTR can feel like learning 5 new languages (NMMT being one of them) in a few days ... while being asked to speak them all right away. 

It's awesome, but it can fry your brain a bit.

Do yourself a favor, and learn the language of NMMT with us before the first module starts, and you will have a much easier time learning and integrating everything else from the course.

If you sign up later than 1/1/2024 and choose to attend the NMMT workshop, the price will be 500 DKK.


We look forward to seeing you in class.

For any questions, please email us at

Kind regards,

Your teachers, Dr. Jose Palomar, Gareth Cox, Stephen Osborne

and your hosts, Christian, Michael & Maria

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