The Foundations Series provides a comprehensive curriculum designed to introduce students to functional neurology.



This encapsulates full assessment of the body for any number of afferent dysfunctions and instruction on how to reset information from aberrant pathways.



Students will gain a thorough understanding of how the body creates basic dysfunctions and compensatory patterns and most importantly, the systematic process that has been developed to treat these dysfunctions on a permanent basis.



Students can expect to learn how to improve the raw material the brain receives to make more accurate decisions about how to move and feel. Topics covered include, but are not limited to:


  • All manner of mechanoreceptors 

  • Nocioception 

  • Gait analysis 

  • Cranial sutures 

  • Limbic disturbances

New luxury location!



Module 1

  • Dates: April 2022

  • Time: 9 to 5 pm. Last day ends one or two hours earlier

  • Location: Kulturhotel Skodsborg

  • Teacher: Jose Palomar

Module 2

  • Dates: June 2022

  • Time: 9 to 5 pm. Last day ends one or two hours earlier.

  • Location: Kulturhotel Skodsborg

  • Teacher: Jose Palomar

Module 3

  • Dates: August 2022

  • Time: 9 to 5 pm. Last day ends one or two hours earlier

  • Location: Kulturhotel Skodsborg

  • Teacher: Jose Palomar


Module 1 must be completed before attending module 2, and module 2 before module 3.


We strongly recommend attending Foundations as a whole.

When you have paid, request to join the Facebook group “Foundations CPH 4.


You will be added when your payment has gone through. This is where the course content will be uploaded, and you can ask questions.



This course will be held in a new, amazing location right between the ocean and the forest:

Kulturhotel Skodsborg


The following is all included:

  • Meeting or conference room with set table arrangement

  • Light breakfast in the meeting room

  • Mid-morning break with nuts and dried fruit

  • Delicious, healthy lunch with a soft drink

  • Afternoon break with a healthy treat

  • Iced water, coffee, tea and fresh organic fruit

  • Selection of paper, pens and office supplies


Also included:

  • The possibility of using the gym and spa for 300 DKK (discounted from 800 DKK) Read more

  • 15% discount on the daily price of staying at the hotel itself




  • Foundations Series Package: 4030 euro (30.000 DKK)

  • Per module: 1600 euro (12.000 DKK)

  • Retake discount is 50%

  • 2% is non-refundable



To keep the price as low as possible, payment is via bank transfer to your host, Christian Glebe-Møller:

  • Will be updated very soon!

After transfer, please send an email to info@klinikansa.dk with your:


  • Full name 

  • Address 

  • Email 

  • Phone number 

  • Your current profession

Thank you!

We look forward to seeing you in class.

Kind regards,

Your teacher, Dr. Jose Palomar

and your hosts, Christian, Michael & Maria